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Product Information

TexTra Mobile provides deployment of the TextConnect System for the Healthcare Industry. We use our own patented method for 2-Way SMS Communications that is supported by all the major carriers.


 TextConnect Presentation

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 Facility Start-Up Sheet 2015  (Please use Adobe Reader 11 or higher)

 TextConnect Quick Start Guide


  Part 1 - System Access
This video teaches you how to login to the system, provides an overview of the Patient Contact Q Screen and shows you how to add & edit patient information.  (5:17)

  Part 2 - 2-Way Communications
This video teaches you how to use the 2-Way Communications Screen (Chat Screen), how to redirect patient inquires via the Ping Alert option & set the Out-of-Office notification.  (5:35)

  Part 3 - Call Back Feature
This video teaches you how to use the Call Back Feature. This option is only used for those patients who would rather be contacted via phone instead of text messaging.  (3:08)

  Part 4 - System Administration
This video is for the Facility's Administrator only. We will review the activities required to keep your system running smoothly.  (7:17)

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