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TextConnect is an Innovative Approach to Reducing Risk and Improving the Patient Experience via our unique 2-Way Telehealth System.

The TextConnect System allows for patients to follow up with their physician using mobile phone text messaging. Designed to give extended care outside of hospitals, emergency rooms or doctor’s offices, TextConnect brings the house call into the 21st century. Patients now have access to a physician and can begin a conversation regarding their care at the moment an issue arises. TexTra offers your healthcare facility this new technology, to provide advanced communication tools that help reduce risk and improve the Continuity of Care.

Benefits of the TextConnect Telehealth System
Connect with patients at regularly scheduled intervals
Custom Follow-Up messaging - send specific information related to visit
Personalize messages with automatic patient name inserting
Respond to and clarify patient inquiries reducing 72 hour returns
Reduce the risk of Medical Legal issues
Easy-to-use Patient Chat screen, includes preset custom responses
Date and Time stamped conversations for each individual patient
Automated Patient Review Message sent to Directors/Managers
Automatically Pings the provider upon arrival of new patient messages
Pings include Quick Access Link to chat screen for SmartPhones & Tablets
Automated Visit Evaluations - get valuable feedback on patient visit/care
Integrated Patient Call Back - easily contact patients that are ‘Non-Texters’
Approved Heathcare Vendor (MHA & AzHHA)


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