TexTra Mobile

Product Features

» Mobile Marketing

TexTra's Mobile Marketing division which offers business efficient and effective mobile messaging solutions. Our advanced technology allows businesses to communicate with their customers in real-time using text messaging to increase revenue. TexTra assists by adding mobile options to your current marketing plan for increased exposure in the ever changing mobile economy. Our text messaging options are affordable and simple to use. TEXTRA Mobile Marketing should be a part of every business in 2012! Start capturing loyal customers today so they can buy from you tomorrow!

Custom Keywords
Because we own our own Short Code (31681), TexTra can offer our clients the ability to select a Keyword that best describes your business, and makes it easy for your customers to opt-in. The best Keywords go fast, so reserve yours today!

Contests & Voting
TexTra offers 4 types of Contest & Voting Options that can help keep your customers entertained and having fun while visiting your establishment.

1. The Random Winner Contest
This feature allows a bar or restaurant to send a “WINNER” SMS to one or more customers at a specific time automatically. The bar or restaurant can determine how long customers have to opt-in to the contest as well as the number of winners randomly chosen. For verification the system can send a text and/or email to the owner/manager with the winning mobile number(s).

2. The Opt-in to Win Contest
This feature is similar to the Call-in-to-Win (For example “Radio Stations”). This option is done as follows:
3. The Opt-in to Win Contest (limited winners)
This feature is similar to the Opt-in-to-Win and requires only 2 contest messages. See as follows:
4. Voting Contest
Want to setup a fun Vote-In contest at your business? Simply inform us of the number of contestants in your contest and we'll send you the opt-in Keywords for voting and a link so you can watch your customers vote in real-time.

Customized Sign-up Widget
TexTra offers customized website widgets which allows customers to sign-up via your current website, and automatically updates your SMS database. This feature also allows us to track whether the SMS signups are coming from the web or mobile phone opt-in. We develop website widgets for a one-time charge of $95 and host and maintain the widget for $25 per month.

Smart Phone Mobile Reporting
TexTra has the forward thinking innovation to provide our clients with simple-to-use real-time mobile reporting options. This gives you the power to instantly view customer activity directly on your Smart Phone. And we don't stop there, we also offer an Automated Daily Report that is emailed to you each morning which keeps you up-to-date on your customers and marketing plans.

» All Major Carriers Supported

TexTra Mobile is supported by all major mobile carriers, including: Alltel, AT&T, Sprint, Sprint Nextel, T-Mobile, Verizon Wireless, Boost, Virgin Mobile, U.S Cellular, Cricket Communications, Cincinnati Bell, Cellular South, NTELOS, CellCom, Carolina West, Apalachian Wireless, Bluegrass Cellular, Centennial Communications, Cox Wireless, GCI Comms, Illinois Valley Cellular, Immix/Keystone Wireless, Nex-Tech, United Wireless and West Central Wireless.