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System Features

PetConnect is an innovative approach to connect with your Pet Owners to improve their Visit Experience via our unique 2-Way Communication System.

The PetConnect System allows for Pet Owners to follow-up with their Veterinarian using standard mobile phone text messaging. Designed to give extended care past their visit, PetConnect brings your services to them. Pet Owners now have access to your office and can begin a conversation regarding their pets care at the moment an issue arises.

Why use the PetConnect System? Connect with Pet Owners soon after their visit
Custom Follow-Up messaging sends specific information related to visit
Text Message Marketing keeps Pet Owners informed of specials, etc.
Quickly respond to Pet Owner Inquiries
Advise on Additional Services/Products as needed
Easy-to-use Chat screen, includes preset custom responses
All messages are Date and Time Stamped for easy tracking
Personalize text messages with automatic pet name inserting
Add Clickable Links to text messages to increase your website traffic
Automatically Pings a staff member upon arrival of new message
Pings include Quick Access Link to chat screen for Smart Phones & Tablets
Out-of-Office setting for nights & weekends
Automated Surveys provides valuable feedback on pet visit & care
Integrated Call Back, easily contact Pet Owners that are ‘Non-Texters’

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